Stromer is a 33 ft strongall sailing vessel designed to be the simplest, strongest, and as maintenance free as possible. Her interiors are not divided by any bulkhead, so the cabin is spacious and cozy. An ideal, no non-sense boat for a couple or for single handed sailing.

She belongs to our friend Rai, who just sailed her single handed across the Atlantic. He sails with no life-raft nor sat-phone, because he feels totally confident about his boat.

We met Rai in Barcelona in 2015, at the very beginning of the “Cofradía de Navegantes Anarquistas“, of which he is one of the major promoter… Then we met him again in Mindelo, where he spent several months in 2017.  We are proud to have this modern George Dibbern among our closest sailors friends! Furthermore Rai make us discover the books of the radical sailor Kris Larsen, whom he met personally about one year ago…

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