Welcome on board! This is our web space…

If you’re visiting this page for the first time, you can read our manifesto to find out what’s our project about (it is available in 5 languages!).

We are specially proud to have Henry Wakelam and Vincent Goudis as remote “godfathers”: if you never heard about them, you should have a look to their biography in the section called “inspired by” (pick the one in your preferred language on the right column)

In the blog section you’ll find entries in many languages: it doesn’t mean that we translate posts, it’s just random blogging… every language have it’s own content!

In addition to a video and a photo gallery, we also made a panoramic views page (for panoramic pictures). In the same section, called “our news“, there is  also a page where we display  our position (this page will be a bit boring, until we finally can set sail to somewhere!)

The friend’s boat section is dedicated to our floating friends.

Last but not least, dreaming to spread an ecological/social consciousness (during the stop-overs along our course, we’ll be organizing screenings of selected documentaries…), we started making a link section organized in 4 categories:

documentaries: movies everybody should watch

causes: the fights we support

sailing: very selected web pages about nautical topics

other links: blogs and pages we really like


In 2018 we also begun to share a collection of nautical related e-books and PDFs: you can find them in the menu “books” divided by language. You are invited to collaborate uploading your e-books to enrich the bookshelf!


At any moment you can go back to the real main page (the one with the slide showing the recent posts) by clicking on the header logo.

For anything, contact us at info@alliancesail.org

thanks for visiting us!

L’Alliance crew