On January 2017 someone broke in to our wordpress webpage and destroyed our last post. Why would someone want to hack our page? It really makes no sense to us. As soon as we noticed this absurd intrusion, thanks to a follower who warned us, we called our buddy Kevin, who immediately restored our last backup, improved our security settings, updated the wp version, and chased the poor hacker for a tremendous informatic vengance: all his devices are now infected with powerful viruses and all his e-mail accounts are deleted… Thanks Kevin, you are our hero!

Here I paste the comment of our follower who first noticed the hacked post:

To have hacked this website is just so ridiculous from my perspective. And you 
start to tell the owners to update their wordpress? What is the purpose? 
We don't care about the engine inside, what we like is what is inside the 
website... Unless you want to show how great you are. But come on hacking a 
wordpress website  does not require high competencies. 
So please stop to bug us of, because I LOVE to read this website, and it looks to 
me like a shit on diamond. I do not congratulate you for your "high technicity" 
Why not hacking other websites like Monsanto or company that are ruining the world?
Just let those people alone, because they are carrying a good initiative, and if 
you think the website is not properly configured just give your real name, 
and tell the admin instead hiding yourself behind a false identity, then you 
will be great.


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