DIY Sailboat Summit 2014

After a first meetup in 2012, next February there will be the second DIY Sailboat Summit! Anarcho-sailors from the Caribbean area will head once again to Rio Dulce (Guatemala), to repeat the experience: a convergence of gypseas, blue anarchists, and punk sailors with the aim to share skills, tell stories, make boats, exchange ideas, plans, and charts… all of this having lot of fun and plenty of sailing! Like in 2012, this meeting will be a great chance for all aspiring pirates, who will have the opportunity to make their first experiences at sea. The location is unique,  in well protected waters, and cheap hostels will provide accommodations for whose who don’t live aboard. Furthermore, like in 2012, the event will collaborate with a center that give hospitality to abandoned children…  A nice webpage has been created to promote this kind of meetings and showcase D.I.Y. and D.I.Together nautical projects all over the world: http://boatpunk.com/

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