Summer 2013: working hard in Gruissan…

The summer camp has been set up, like last year and the year before, next to L’Alliance’s hull.  In May, in Barcelona, we had the satisfaction of hearing our engine’s noise for the very first time (after a radical refit that took about 2 years of our spare time).  In June we finished painting the inside of the hull, a job that seemed to never come to an end.  In July we applied the new paintjob above waterline: we made the most out of a week of good weather (rare in Gruissan), and we eventually managed to cover up the old ugly yellow… We also put back in place the hydraulic steering system, after repairing the actuator and replacing all the hoses with brand new ones. In august we took down the masts for a serious check. We also finished the deck paintjob with the skidproof coats, so we can start re-mounting the deck hardware. Recently, after placing a brand new prop shaft, we put the engine on its mounts. We also fitted the two brand new diesel tanks, as well as the old water ones… Finally L’Alliance is taking form, and every day we can see more pieces of the big puzzle fitting in their right place…

But the work list is still very large: will we manage to get splashed in September as we wish?

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