after the Atlantic crossing, dry docked in Curaçao


Still excited from the Atlantic crossing, our stopover in the expensive Martinique has been quick: after 6 days anchored in Le Marin and biking through the southern part of the island, we sat sail again heading to Curaçao. As we wanted to avoid a night landfall, we hoved to during 6 hours in between Bonaire and Curaçao, and we piloted into Spanish Waters to drop anchor in the early morning of December the 20th. The 500 miles passage took less than 4 days. But as we got WiFi, we saw an e-mail from the dock yard with a deadline to haul L’Alliance before Christmas holidays: December the 20th! So we rush back on board, we left the anchorage and we sailed to Wilemstadt… They opened the bridge and we entered Anna Bay to reach the yard just in time.
So here we are, dry docked once again, doing minor repairs and some epoxi paintjob under the floating line… and off course visiting the beaches and snorkeling in this multicultural paradise!


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