Panama: the sphincter of the Atlantic

We cleared in Panama at the end of April, in Linton Bay, a very well protected anchorage behind Isla Linton, where we can also squat the facilities of the marina. We headed there because some friend of us (and a bunch of members of La Cofradía de Navegantes Anarquistas) are stucked in this nice spot since years…

We also met a lot of new friendly sailors, and we descovered that Linton anchorage happens to be the very core of the new born network of female radical sailors (https://ladyjacks.com/).

As soon as loaded with detailed charts, we went discover the San Blas archipelago, better called Kuna Yala. We meet some young kunas in Callos Holandeses, and they joined us on board till Narganá for a “chicha” ceremony. We visited Isla Tigre, Isla Diablo, río Diablo… but we had to go back to Linton as most of the crew needed to fly back to €urope…

In June we are heading once again to Kuna Yala, with another crew setup, to better explore the eastern Callos Holandeses and Coco Bandero islands, while in July we plan to go to Bocas del Toro.