Anarchist Yacht Clubb

Simply brilliant.  This web page is absolutely interesting, and we are proud to be on their  mailing list (so we can keep in touch with the other 90 anarchist-sailors around the world!). But the best is the home-made (boat-made) documentary “hold fast”, that you can download from their page: www.blueanarchy.org or watch online…




And now our yankee mates also created a new WordPress page called the current’s against us“, which is an attempt at an anthology of writings, comics, artworks and anything that could contribute in shaping the identity, describing tribulations and dreams of the growing “punk-sailor” community…


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  1. v e turk

    this is wonderful! please add me to the mailing list


    1. metello

      Hello mate! You can subscribe by sending an email to blueanarchy@lists.riseup.net introducing yourself, your interest in sailing, and other anarchist projects you might be working on…

    2. Charly

      Excelente desde las tierras de vito Dimas

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