nautical docs

Welcome modern Pirates and Wanderers! Here you can find our collection of digital documentation… most of the pilot books and nautical info are pretty out of date, but they provide a general overview while preparing a passage. The coverage is worldwide and publications are mixed, most of them being in english or french…


You can download the whole folder, or just pick up the zone you are interested in, by exploring those folders:

  • America (From Alaska to Cape Horn: USA, Canada, Caribbean waters, Brazil, Chile, Argentina…)
  • Europe & Atlantic (the Med, Northern France, North and west Africa, and the est Atlantic islands…)
  • Pacific (From Alaska to Australia: pacific coasts and islands, and even an Indian Ocean passage plan)
  • Pilot Books (worldwide Pilot Books collection)
  • Pilot’s charts (worldwide Pilot’s charts collection)
  • Various (Intracoastal Waterway, safety info, medical, icebergs, fishing, etc.)


If you have any other documentation, or more updated PDFs, please upload them here to share… Thanks!