A webpage lost at sea

Last year we assisted to a sad phenomena: the vanishing of a very interesting web page.

I’m talking about the new born “Radical Sailors Network”, a sort of €uropean Anarchist Yacht Clubb, a page who have been online, as far as I know, just between 2011 and 2012.

The aim of the Network was to keep in touch a bunch of alternative sailing realities in northen €urope. Their manifesto was very nice (even if the Spanish translation they offered was pretty poor), and I regret I did not copied the whole text. But who could imagine that the web page of such an interesting network would last just about one year?

The logo of RSN was very nice, and the page looked cool with her minimalistic design… Their link section was brilliant: from s.v. Tres Hombres to s.v. Estelle, from s.v. Lovis to Sail Boat Project, or Low Impact Life Onboard

I tried to get in touch with them, and eventually they answered that the website was dead, simply because the administrators can’t afford the time to work on it anymore. The “Radical Sailors Network” could have been a very useful and interesting platform to socialize among alternative sailors across €urope, but the project aborted too quick. What a shame!!


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