The End of our project

For many personal reasons, L’Alliance project was becoming unsustainable, and at the doors of the Pacific we decided to stop, and sail back to €urope. From March to June 2019, we crossed the Atlantic from Panama to Lisbon, where we sold our beloved vessel.

Many friends were surprised of this sudden change of course: it’s weird to sell after just 3 years of sailing a boat which required almost 6 years of work to refit; but all those years, working or sailing, have been a great experience, and we learned a lot from it.

Nowadays the whole crew split up and starts new projects, but we will keep alive this webpage anyway, as our ideas did not change, and the seas and lands of the world are threatened more than ever by the slip knot of human’s growth.

At the same time, more and more people is involved in new interesting projects: afloat, like “the sea urchins“, or on land, like the resilience communities arising every here and there to survive the collapse of the society of consumerism. We still feel that all initiatives of this kind deserve to be mentioned and promoted through this web page, but we admit that keeping this site updated is not among our priorities anymore.

If L’Alliance is gone as a boat, she is not over as a concept, and maybe we will be sailing again, with another vessel, in within a few years…

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