Yes, we did it! But…

Yes, we managed to get splashed before the end of September.  It has been hard, but we did it.  We even took the time to crash a (cheap) Champagne bottle on the bow, and we had a small inauguration party with the dockyard friends.  L’Alliance is still empty, and she floats almost one foot above her supposed floating line. She looks beautiful, anyway.

After a basic set up, we went for a sea trial… As promised, her hull is seaworthy and her bow cuts the waves like a hatchet. The engine at its cruising speed was moving us at about 6 knots. But after half an hour testing, we noticed an excessive vibration, a strange noise and… WtFk! A broken bolt head shot out of the bell housing!  Furthermore, the injection pump was leaking diesel through one of its main body gaskets. Ok, after a bit of investigation we now know that the bolt head was just a left over sitting at the bottom of the bellhousing, which must have fallen in at some stage during the rebuild…but  what a mess!

Pressed for time and with a job lined up starting on the next day, we had no choice: L’Alliance had to go back to the dry dock… we have to deal with more problem-solving before setting sails to Barcelona.  By the way, we already payed for one year docking fee in the marina (port Ginesta!)!!!   Arrhhgghh…


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