The beginning…

L’Alliance is the long term project of an enthusiastic group of people with a common dream:  to sail the world, forgetting borders and restrictions and leaving behind some of the most behated dynamics of life on land. We come from different corners of the world and make a point of considering ourselves international, ever-migrating humans. We love to use as many different languages as we can learn and consider them a true richness of mankind, sadly disappearing under the influence of economic globalization.

Life on the water is going to be an experiment of life outside mainstream societies. It will require conscious energy management (the opposite of what happens on land) and the ability to get in touch with nature and to cooperate with the elements in order to feed our nomadic dreams. It will take a lot of energy and patience from all of us, therefore the summarized name of the boat, “L’Alliance”, which also wants to be a homage to a philosophical concept theorized by one of the most inspiring sailors of all times, Bernard Moitissier.

In the posts to follow you’ll find every stage of the project as it develops, starting from the massive shipyard period needed to bring our 45ft ketch back to shape. We’ll also share eco-news from around the world and whatever we think worth being published.





  1. The Hungry Bohemian

    Well put! I can’t wait to hear about all the adventures…but even better, to be part of one! Viva L’Alliance!

  2. Lori Pinkerd

    I’m excited to hear about your adventures! Stay safe (or reasonably so!)

    Love ya,

  3. Enrico

    Good luck friends!

    bravi bravi

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