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To many, inventor Andrea Rossi’s eCat is the coming saviour of the planet – an energy device that could spawn a trillion dollar industry, reshape geopolitics and clean up the environment – all in a few short years. To others, it is not – they don’t believe it.

Born from the bastard child of science – cold fusion – most scientists are rightly sceptical until proof is given. According to Andrea Rossi, that proof will be determined by the market – customers will decide if his claims are real or not.

In the cloud of polemic and partial “information” on this subject, eCat News is one of the most accurate and impartial resource for news about the Energy Catalyzer development and related topics.

Since the first public demonstration was performed at Bologna University by Rossi and Focardi,  L’Alliance crew was looking forward for replacing the ancient diesel engine with a cold-fusion based one!!  But lately, after the Dr. Focardi death and the very strange and suspicious behavior of Rossi, we have to admit that the e-cat will not be implemented in our everyday life as soon as we dreamed.  Anyway we still hope someone else will manage to finally impose the LENR technology over the destructive ways to generate energy. (For instance, in September 2013 a patent by S.T.Microelectronics have been published: “Reactor for energy generation through low energy nuclear reactions  between hydrogen and transition metals and related method of energy generation“. Will they commercialize it?)

Meanwhile, we have been also talking a lot about another “magic” patent which boost our imagination and dreams: the Stanley Meyer one…  This genius, whose revolutionary water fuel cell engine could save the Planet, have been killed in 1998 in order to suppress his inventions. But more and more people are now experimenting in generate hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis…  Could you imagine what would it means, especially for people living on a vessel, to generate power directly from water?




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