Incredible sailor, diver, surfer, fisherman, beer-drinker, life-lover and just the nicest guy one could ever imagine to meet, Jon has amazed me from the very first moment i met him. It’s not “just” things like sailing with very limited resources, without an engine, single-handed across the atlantic in his twenties, or choosing to abandon the offer of a well paid job and a good life-style to sail “Double Bruyn” to Colombia…it’s the unquenchable thirst for the adventure awaiting around the corner, the spirit that will never find a rest and will never want to miss out. These are the things that will keep Jon going and will take Double Bruyn to the South Pacific, where they hopefully one day will catch up with L’Alliance. Follow his adventure on his blog: http://www.doublebruyn.blogspot.com/

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  1. the 2012 dock season has begun | L'Alliance

    […] to cross such a distance for to come, so they are actually enjoying Marquesas islands  on the Duble Bruyn and even if they are busy surfing, we hope they will find the time to write at least a post about […]

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